Thanksgiving Memories



Why are some of us hurting as Thanksgiving approaches?

Because it reminds us of beloved family members and friends we’ve lost. People so dear and close, but no longer with us to celebrate. Parents, children, siblings. Lifelong friends. Passed away tragically, either suddenly or through illnesses. Aunts, grandparents, uncles. Separated over misunderstandings, feuds, secrets and betrayals. Wives, husbands, partners. No longer speaking. Not even reaching out to make up anymore…

I acknowledge this sorrow. It’s real.  This deep pain, however, also proves we are sensitive and authentic and loving.

We can’t change the past or others. We can’t bring back the departed.  We shouldn’t set our Thanksgiving table with ghosts of turkeys past. Be grateful for those still here, and tell them how dearly they are cherished.

So, don’t feel you’re alone this coming Thanksgiving. Lots of us know just what you’re going through…



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