Happy Birthday Mom from the Other Side


see thru house
copyright 2017 roadrunnerspeaks

Although I’ve experienced some unexplained phenomena in my life, I remained a rational yet openminded skeptic of the supernatural.
But in April I had the strangest of paranormal events happen to me.
It was my mother’s birthday. She has been deceased since 2003. She had worked many years in a psychiatric hospital as a nurse. We were very close.
I lit a memorial candle for her that day. Later in the day there was a voicemail left for me on my Google voice account. I played it back, and a woman’s voice said, “Happy Birthday Mom, I’m in the nuthouse”.
I was almost paralyzed with shock. Could someone be playing a trick? The caller I.D. left a number, which I called. It was to a psychiatric hospital ward. I spoke to the charge nurse and she said the patients had access to the hall phone. She said she was unable to find out who had made the call.
Everyone I’ve spoken to thinks this was more than coincidence. Synchronicity? It has haunted me since then. We don’t have all the answers. There are so many unknowns.

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