Awaiting Dog’s Biopsy Results


I am so fearful of another loss. After a full year of significant changes, life lately seemed to be stabilizing and filled with more positivity and joy.

I first felt a bump below his neck a few weeks ago. My dog of 15 years, Peter, didn’t show any symptoms so I kept on eye on it for awhile. Then last week it felt bigger and harder. I got a little anxious and took him into our local vet. The doctor retrieved a fine needle biopsy sample and sent it to the pathologist. We were told the results would be ready the following day. They weren’t. Nor the following day. I was panicking now and imagining the worst. Finally, the vet called 3 days later and said he didn’t know why it was taking so long but maybe they were getting other opinions on the sample.

Tomorrow we should get some news. I’m so dreading the C word. I have spent so many magical hours with Peter on daily walks, special vacations and adventures, and moving to lots of new places. He was there right beside me through every emotional upheaval or wonderful celebration.

May I ask you for positivity and prayers for my dear friend?

Thank you for each and every healing, I appreciate your energy and love.



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