Karoshi Train Tokyo

“karoshi” Sometimes Japanese people work too much so they have a Japanese word for sudden death caused by overwork or job-related exhaustion. “Karoshi”. This was yesterday on a commuter train to Tokyo. It was dead quiet, as it is impolite to speak or make noise on public transportation. It felt claustrophic with everyone packed in like sardines. Continue reading Karoshi Train Tokyo

Awaiting Dog’s Biopsy Results

I am so fearful of another loss. After a full year of significant changes, life lately seemed to be stabilizing and filled with more positivity and joy. I first felt a bump below his neck a few weeks ago. My dog of 15 years, Peter, didn’t show any symptoms so I kept on eye on it for awhile. Then last week it felt bigger and harder. I got a little anxious and took him into our local vet. The doctor retrieved a fine needle biopsy sample and sent it to the pathologist. We were told the results would be ready … Continue reading Awaiting Dog’s Biopsy Results

The Nature of Deception

    “Like the cuttlefish, it is in the nature of our bodies to change, alter, even to deceive. We do not create patterns for visual confusion with our skin. But with our hands we transform the conditions of our environment in accordance with our needs and tastes. We engage with other forms of life and technologies to generate new bodily comportments, new ways of being.” (Elizabeth R. Johnson 2015) https://thenewinquiry.com/lying-like-cuttlefish/ Continue reading The Nature of Deception


I still miss you. Not the old mean guy. That wonderful father of my youth. He of the picnic suppers at the beach, that superhero who cooked steak and chicken and played mandolin beside his kindling campfire. Told us the same ghost stories, we got the same spooky chills,  then we sang all the favorite songs….weekend after summer, year upon year.    Daddy?      Goddamit, I loved you.   Continue reading Daddy

Happy Birthday Mom from the Other Side

  Although I’ve experienced some unexplained phenomena in my life, I remained a rational yet openminded skeptic of the supernatural. But in April I had the strangest of paranormal events happen to me. It was my mother’s birthday. She has been deceased since 2003. She had worked many years in a psychiatric hospital as a nurse. We were very close. I lit a memorial candle for her that day. Later in the day there was a voicemail left for me on my Google voice account. I played it back, and a woman’s voice said, “Happy Birthday Mom, I’m in the … Continue reading Happy Birthday Mom from the Other Side

Guanajuato, Mexico

Guanajuato is intense : its walls are bold slashes of orange and red; the sky is a huge, vivid blue. Yet the climate is so gentle that some here call it “eternal spring”. This old silver Mexican mining town is a complex layering of underground tunnel highways below glittering Spanish Colonial streets. An enchanting historical town center lays below mazes of hillside alleyways. That was a year ago and now I again remember the magic and mystery of this city. Continue reading Guanajuato, Mexico

Thanksgiving Memories

  Why are some of us hurting as Thanksgiving approaches? Because it reminds us of beloved family members and friends we’ve lost. People so dear and close, but no longer with us to celebrate. Parents, children, siblings. Lifelong friends. Passed away tragically, either suddenly or through illnesses. Aunts, grandparents, uncles. Separated over misunderstandings, feuds, secrets and betrayals. Wives, husbands, partners. No longer speaking. Not even reaching out to make up anymore… I acknowledge this sorrow. It’s real.  This deep pain, however, also proves we are sensitive and authentic and loving. We can’t change the past or others. We can’t bring back the departed. … Continue reading Thanksgiving Memories

Popcorn Balls

October gets me thinking about 1960s Halloween in Home Acres. There was no better or spookier a place for trick or treating as a kid. The winding dark streets, sloping hills and hidden ravines lit only by the warm harvest moon. Our neighbor Pete Cronk, concealed inside a leafy tree, on stilts, jumps out as we approach his door. We scream with fear and delight. There’s a rumour of popcorn balls available at a house way up on Ternez Drive. We trudge up the steep street, fueled by anticipation of that special, gooey prize. Continue reading Popcorn Balls


we travel limitless galaxies parallel paths future past  present. sans dimension: gravity-free awake?   dreaming? our warped and bending spacetime connects everything at once: death, birth, love, longing (you and me) journeying transcendent timezones.                A continuous loop                                      of boundless hope. Continue reading TimeZones