Marrakesh, Morocco 2012

Marrakesh, Morocco. I’ve never seen such chaos. Drivers without laws. The narrow lanes crowded with pedestrians, workers, travellers, animals, and all forms of vehicles. And such utter exotic chaos, beautiful crazy life. I was excited and terrified. If one wasn’t hypervigilant, it was likely there’d be a collision with a careening moped or something else   Continue reading Marrakesh, Morocco 2012

Marrakesh Doorways, Rugs, and Surprises

….suddenly an archway leading into an exotic, hidden passageway….a calm courtyard with colorful handknotted rugs….a blue doorway into an entirely new and disturbing experience….. An elegantly dressed Moroccan man welcomed us in: “Please come in for a tour of tribal women weaving the rugs”. He led us into a room of astounding beauty; my eyes took in a scene from another time, a different world. The walls were covered with carpets of all colors, designs and materials. Authentic handpainted tiles decorated the floor, and priceless antique furniture filled the room. “This used to be a palace hundreds of years ago”, … Continue reading Marrakesh Doorways, Rugs, and Surprises