we travel limitless galaxies parallel paths future past  present. sans dimension: gravity-free awake?   dreaming? our warped and bending spacetime connects everything at once: death, birth, love, longing (you and me) journeying transcendent timezones.                A continuous loop                                      of boundless hope. Continue reading TimeZones

west germany dreamtime

They say you can’t go home again, Last night we slept there, sure Upon the dappled hills we lay, content As ever were. The morning fell so clear, so fresh As sunshine warmed my eyes. A scent of roses filled the breeze, and I startled in surprise. Home at last, no wanderlust? Just calm and joyous peace. My family waving far below, To welcome my release. Anticipating our reunion I attempted my descent. But the hill became a quicksand It was clear just what that meant: The family far below was but Illusion wrapped in gauze This cruel dream had … Continue reading west germany dreamtime