Thanksgiving Memories

  Why are some of us hurting as Thanksgiving approaches? Because it reminds us of beloved family members and friends we’ve lost. People so dear and close, but no longer with us to celebrate. Parents, children, siblings. Lifelong friends. Passed away tragically, either suddenly or through illnesses. Aunts, grandparents, uncles. Separated over misunderstandings, feuds, secrets and betrayals. Wives, husbands, partners. No longer speaking. Not even reaching out to make up anymore… I acknowledge this sorrow. It’s real.  This deep pain, however, also proves we are sensitive and authentic and loving. We can’t change the past or others. We can’t bring back the departed. … Continue reading Thanksgiving Memories

Popcorn Balls

October gets me thinking about 1960s Halloween in Home Acres. There was no better or spookier a place for trick or treating as a kid. The winding dark streets, sloping hills and hidden ravines lit only by the warm harvest moon. Our neighbor Pete Cronk, concealed inside a leafy tree, on stilts, jumps out as we approach his door. We scream with fear and delight. There’s a rumour of popcorn balls available at a house way up on Ternez Drive. We trudge up the steep street, fueled by anticipation of that special, gooey prize. Continue reading Popcorn Balls


we travel limitless galaxies parallel paths future past  present. sans dimension: gravity-free awake?   dreaming? our warped and bending spacetime connects everything at once: death, birth, love, longing (you and me) journeying transcendent timezones.                A continuous loop                                      of boundless hope. Continue reading TimeZones

Missing the Road

My husband accepted a job offer. That was 2 months ago. He loves being back to work. I miss our adventures. Exploratory travels. For 2 years we roamed and discovered. It was exciting. And scary. Risky and fun. Now I make dinner and wait for him to return each day. I watch Judge Judy at 4 and 4:30. I walk the dog at 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. Rome, Paris, Morocco and Mexico are daydreams I replay between commercials. Continue reading Missing the Road

Friday the 13th, Birds, and My Aching Back

I am in pain. It’s the birds’ fault. And it didn’t help that today is Friday the 13th. You see, I wanted to take photos of the tropical and unusual birds here in the Yucatan, Mexico. So, I held my camera for long stretches at a time, upward toward the branches. My back rebelled at this new artistic endeavor. I’m now stuck in bed writing this. Yeah, very bad luck (the 13th?). And yes, the bird photos are just average. But, I don’t really regret it. It’s all part of journeying, and I’m sure my back will recover in a few … Continue reading Friday the 13th, Birds, and My Aching Back

Fun in the sun

In the Riviera Maya, for one month, February 2015: We’ve swum in the unbelievably azure sea, several times now. Loved it. Downed a few Tecate Lights. We went to the Mayan ruins at Tulum. Amazing. Been to Puerto Morelos. Relaxing. Walked the 5 blocks to the spectacular beach every day, in every weather. Mostly humid and hot. Some rainy days, too. Appreciated the exercise, anyway. But, honestly, after some time I always become less enamored, kind of “habituated” to a place. That’s probably what makes me such a vagabond, a hobo, a nomad traveler in the first place.  Just need to … Continue reading Fun in the sun

Jeanine at 71

She has been wandering for hours, pulling the trembling pinscher on his red cord leash, asking for directions to a life long past. Breathless with adventure and confusion: “let’s go have coffee”; “I can’t remember my apartment number” and, “when my John died the lawyers stole the house”. The little pinscher watches patiently. Lovingly. Jeanine wears a jaunty knit cap. Her brown eyes twinkle as she speaks of Ecuador and Germany. She’s lonely among these tall concrete structures and youthful strangers. I make helpful suggestions. Jeanine ignores them. This lady is lost. I must call the police. Her eyes die at their arrival. … Continue reading Jeanine at 71

The Rome B&B Review We Didn’t Dare Post

We arrived in Rome fresh off the train from Venice. Well, not really fresh,as I had a sneezy virus I’d probably caught on the transatlantic flight several days ago. Luckily my husband Don was still healthy and helped me survive that last leg of the journey: metro from the train; bus from the metro; walk to the apartment we’d booked at a popular online site several days before. I knocked hopefully on the door. No one answered. I rang the bell. Nothing. My heart sank. Enzo, our Italian host and entrepreneurial homeowner, wasn’t there. Our US cellphone didn’t have reception. No wifi. What to do? A curious neighbor, … Continue reading The Rome B&B Review We Didn’t Dare Post

Marrakesh Doorways, Rugs, and Surprises

….suddenly an archway leading into an exotic, hidden passageway….a calm courtyard with colorful handknotted rugs….a blue doorway into an entirely new and disturbing experience….. An elegantly dressed Moroccan man welcomed us in: “Please come in for a tour of tribal women weaving the rugs”. He led us into a room of astounding beauty; my eyes took in a scene from another time, a different world. The walls were covered with carpets of all colors, designs and materials. Authentic handpainted tiles decorated the floor, and priceless antique furniture filled the room. “This used to be a palace hundreds of years ago”, … Continue reading Marrakesh Doorways, Rugs, and Surprises