Missing the Road

My husband accepted a job offer. That was 2 months ago. He loves being back to work. I miss our adventures. Exploratory travels. For 2 years we roamed and discovered. It was exciting. And scary. Risky and fun. Now I make dinner and wait for him to return each day. I watch Judge Judy at 4 and 4:30. I walk the dog at 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. Rome, Paris, Morocco and Mexico are daydreams I replay between commercials. Continue reading Missing the Road

Callejon Alley

Guanajuato is intense : its walls are bold slashes of orange and red; the sky is a huge, vivid blue. Yet the climate is so gentle that some here call it “eternal spring”. This old silver Mexican mining town is a complex layering of underground tunnel highways below glittering Spanish Colonial streets. An enchanting historical town center lays below mazes of hillside alleyways. I hadn’t really wanted to visit . I was content with our month at Playa del Carmen and the slow, sultry pace of Yucatan’s Caribbean coast .  We’d gotten into a comfortable pattern there: sleep late, walk to the popular “Quinta … Continue reading Callejon Alley

Guanajuato Day One

We arrived at Leon Airport from Playa del Carmen and took a 50 minute taxi north. In Guanajuato, the house we rented for a month was so difficult to find (no house number) our taxi drove up and down the hills for hours. We asked pedestrians along the way. The landlord’s phone number didn’t work, so no help there. Finally we had the taxi just leave us in the town center at a cafe. We contacted the landlord by email thru wifi and he sent his mother to pick us up. She got us in a mini pickup, I barely fit … Continue reading Guanajuato Day One

Visiting Beautiful Playa del Carmen on a Budget

I’d always yearned to visit the Riviera Maya in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. To swim in the turquoise waters of Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. But whenever I’d review the costs of this popular Caribbean coast, they were always much higher than our budget could handle. So instead we’d travel to Merida, Oaxaca, Puerto Vallarta, or cheaper Mexican destinations. Finally, this year, I decided to make it happen. Just by thinking outside the box, we were able to enjoy a month in the Caribbean for less money. It might not work for everyone, but maybe you’ll be able … Continue reading Visiting Beautiful Playa del Carmen on a Budget

Friday the 13th, Birds, and My Aching Back

I am in pain. It’s the birds’ fault. And it didn’t help that today is Friday the 13th. You see, I wanted to take photos of the tropical and unusual birds here in the Yucatan, Mexico. So, I held my camera for long stretches at a time, upward toward the branches. My back rebelled at this new artistic endeavor. I’m now stuck in bed writing this. Yeah, very bad luck (the 13th?). And yes, the bird photos are just average. But, I don’t really regret it. It’s all part of journeying, and I’m sure my back will recover in a few … Continue reading Friday the 13th, Birds, and My Aching Back

Marrakesh, Morocco 2012

Marrakesh, Morocco. I’ve never seen such chaos. Drivers without laws. The narrow lanes crowded with pedestrians, workers, travellers, animals, and all forms of vehicles. And such utter exotic chaos, beautiful crazy life. I was excited and terrified. If one wasn’t hypervigilant, it was likely there’d be a collision with a careening moped or something else   Continue reading Marrakesh, Morocco 2012

Sete, France December 2012

  We took the train to this charming seaport south of Montpellier France. Walked through the friendly streets and right into a Christmas celebration!  Magical and festive, it was an unexpected treat. Afterward, we noticed we were ravenous!! The restaurants had all closed sharp at 2 p.m., disappointed, we trudged on. The only place open in the entire town was a little neighborhood store.  The choice was limited to chocolate candy bars and a batard of fresh bread.  We took our strange feast and sat on the steps on the dock to eat. Nothing ever tasted so delicious!!! As we sat … Continue reading Sete, France December 2012